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Air Time Electronic recharge

LA RED+ offers the sale of time air recharges of all companies in Mexico (Telcel, Movistar, At&t, Unefon. Iusacell, Virgin Mobile, Cierto, MazTiempo and Alo), all using a SINGLE BALANCE.

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Bill Payments

Be compete with the big commercial chains offers your customers the service of receiving the bill payment of their services. We offer a portfolio of services are more than 50. We have major bill payments of service and sales by catalog.

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Gift cards

It offers your customers electronic products without the need for physical cards. In this mode we have SKYPE and FACTURAFIEL. In addition pin electronic of ENTERTAINMENT, your customers receive your ELECTRONIC PIN and instructions for use via a SMS ON HIS CELL, GOODBYE TICKET!. Here we have tickets of movies (Cinepolis), video games from Penguin, xBOX, Playstation, Nintendo and others.

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Insurance to everyone, gives your customers the option to secure their heritage with costs according to their possibilities, using only electronic pins to facilitate its distribution and reduce costs. We have insurance Cancer (female/male), family security and car insurance of civil responsibility for Mexico and USA (1 to 7 days and annual).

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SMS Marketing

We offer the purchase of SMS-Marketing packages, so you create a new channel of communication with their customers. You can send SMS messages for promotions, discounts, special coupons, reminders of payment or any advice you need. With this type of tool you can increase the flow of customers to your business and sell more.

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E-Invoicing Mexico

We offer you the service of invoices electronic. Excellent choice, use a portal web without installing programs, issuing the invoice using a friendly application. Also offers a service of backup your invoices by 5 years, i.e. availability to consult or re - send invoices passed to its customers from the same website.