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Transactional Platform

We offer the service of transactional platforms for processing electronic products.

High transactional volume



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The main features of our platforms:

  • Friendly: Functionality of easy use.
  • High volume: Processing more than 150,000 transactions per month.
  • Reliable: We guarantee high availability of our platform.
  • Flexible: The design of our platform, allows us to be able to work with different business models.
  • Safe: Best practices to have complete systems of Firewalls, security and inviolable management methods.
  • Dynamic design: Standards that allows you to incorporate new products quickly.
  • Fraud protection: Avoid that our customers are affected by assaults or improper uses of employees.
  • Reports: Detailed and summarized, for a generating of reports according to your needs. Detail to evaluate detail branch, cash register and cashier. In addition to detailed reports of deposits and commissions allowing us to make transparent and tracking all movements.
  • Online Invoicing: Generating the electronic invoice once your payment is applied.

Red de Prepago de Mexico approach, always been give a QUALITY service and seek to exceed the expectations of our customers and suppliers. Our transactional platforms give service to large Retailers, wholesalers, national and local chains as well as small businesses.


  • We offer our guests different applications for sale, to suit your needs. All require internet connection or data service.


Download Desktop

It is an application of sale that is installed on your Windows PC, is a safer and faster solution.

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Web portal

Without installing anything, log in to the portal and sells from your PC, laptop, Tablet or ipad.

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App Android

Use our Android application in your mobile or Tablet to sell. It has capability of printing.


Web Service

If you have your own point of sale, we offer you our connection web service, and so can sell our products from your own application.

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Integrations to POS

For developers of points of sale (POS), we have the possibility to integrate with our platform and offer customers the sale of time air, pins, and receive payment for services using your own sales application.